About Us

“Confidence comes from within. It’s from knowing who you are and what makes you happy and fulfilled.” says Aryana when talking about why she started the brand. “My journey with my skin has been a long winding road. I started the journey at the age of 9 years old, when puberty hit. I struggled with acne and breakouts all throughout my career. My skincare ups and downs were unfortunately documented through the many films, tv shoots and photoshoots I had to do throughout my career and nothing was more frustrating than having no one to ask.

Whatever I have learned over the years, the scars and tears, the painful breakouts and the many many products flushed down the drain had led me here today, with my own brand. My own formulations. My own confidence. Throughout all the pain and learning, what never faltered was my confidence. There was no one that could tell me how I could feel because confidence isn’t just skin deep. It’s everything in your life that has made you who you are today. My skin has its ups and downs but my confidence is key.

Skincare is a necessity so it shouldn’t be treated as a luxury. My aim is to help those with skin like mine. Problematic, acne prone, damaged skin barrier, eczema prone sensitive skin. Whether it be male or female, our skin is the biggest organ in our body and should be made first priority. It goes further than vanity or self care. It’s healthcare. I believe that skincare shouldn’t be expensive or hard to find in order to be good. We don’t have to make cheap skincare that may be detrimental to our skin, yet we don’t need luxury skincare that breaks the bank. We just need good quality ingredients and the right formulations. Quick, accessible, easy and no fuss.”

Sharifah Aryana, Founder of Confidence Cosmetics